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Ireland is an island located in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The Republic of Ireland makes up more than three-quarters of the island.  The six counties located in the northeast corner of the island make up Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

relief map of Ireland
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drying peat in a rural peat bog Most of Ireland is made up of low-lying limestone plains, with plenty of hilly areas and fertile soils scattered throughout.  The country is so fertile that Ireland is known for its brilliant green landscape.  There are many bodies of water throughout the land; specifically, the countryside is home to many small lakes and peat bogs.  The country's largest river, the Shannon River, drains the central plain of Ireland and runs through many of the country's larger lakes.

Wicklow Mountains, Ireland There are several mountain ranges dotted along Ireland's majestic coastline, including the Wicklow Mountains in the southeast and the Macgillycuddy's Reeks in the southwest.

two cows in a field along the Irish coastline While Ireland's land has traditionally been used to support its economy through agriculture, the country has moved away from that model in favor of manufacturing and processing.  However, agriculture still employs about one in eight workers in Ireland.  Livestock and dairy farming is still fairly robust in the country, while crops such as potatoes, barley, and wheat are also grown on Irish soil.

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