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The capital of Ireland, Dublin is considered one of the most vibrant cities in Europe.  Due to sustained economic growth that began in the 1930s, much of Dublin has been revived.  While detractors of Dublin say that the city's renewal has removed much of its old charm, Dublin still boasts some of the most stunning Georgian architecture in the world.
Dublin, Ireland is located at about 53.34 degrees North latitude and 6.26 degrees West longitude.
River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland The city is divided into two sections by the River Liffey.  The Northside comprises the working class of Dublin, while the Southside is home to the middle and upper classes.

The best architecture can be seen south of the River Liffey, near Saint Stephen's Green, where impressive Georgian villas dot Henrietta Street and Grafton Street.  This is also the location of the stately Trinity College.

Dublin Castle Other attractions include Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Half Penny Bridge, Malahide Castle, and Saint Patrick's Cathedral, while museum-goers have plenty of choices including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the James Joyce Museum, the Dublin Writers' Museum, and the National Museum.

Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin, voted the "friendliest city in Europe" in 2007, is also home to the one of the world's youngest populations, with half of the city's population under the age of 25.  The young age of residents gives the city an active, energetic atmosphere.  The city is known to have one of Europe's best nightlife scenes, with a wide range of pubs, bars, and restaurants.  Those looking to experience Dublin's energy during the day should visit Grafton Street, which is replete with buskers, artists, and tourists.

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Map of Dublin, Ireland